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It posed a threat to the aforementioned political leaders from Congress during the Emergency period in India.

One of the earliest movie influences on Indian fashion was Madhubala’s anarkali attire in (2005) were another fashion rage for some time. And Bollywood dancing is very popular among girls in India who are keen to learn this art more than any classical dance.

The Indian diaspora abroad also keeps in touch with their roots by watching Hindi movies and learning Bollywood dancing.

The ready-made industry manufactures these clothes in bulk and the designs are named after the character or movie, for example; the anarkali suit, the jewellery in The fashion industry capitalises on this trend by launching their clothes and jewellery in movies.

Top stars are made brand ambassadors to endorse fashion products.

Bollywood has for long exerted a deep influence on popular Indian fashion.

Any outfit adorned by an actor or actress in a hit movie immediately becomes a prime sartorial trend for tailors to reproduce.But it still lags far behind in total revenue gathered because of the much lower prices of tickets in India.Revenue from overseas is a big reason why Bollywood movies are becoming much more successful of late.In fact, industry pundits say a cinema theatre in west London is the highest earning screen in the world for Bollywood films.The growing reach and influence of Indian movies has had a major impact on foreign economies too.© Film Yug Pvt Ltd This film was also said to be based on Indira Gandhi - right from the plot to the look that Suchitra Sen donned.

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