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The first Poke Date is free, after which each date costs (about £15 or AU).Launching today, it's a spin-off from Project Fixup, a dating service that organises dates for you -- the twist being that people, rather than algorithms, are employed to match you up.I narrated this story during my first informal conversation with the co-founders and volunteers of ‘Amour,’ an online dating project.

Professional, natural photos that show you looking like you, at your best, are one of the most important investments you can make in your search for love.

The right photo—one that captures you in your best light—can be attributed to 97% of success in online dating.

So it’s important that Amour is trying to change that. Messenger days where people were talked to a faceless profile from another hemisphere, to today’s Grindr or Tinder days where even a few blocks is quite a distance for many, dating in the time of GPS has led to a massive paradigm shift in what people are looking for.

In India, where the LGBTQIA movement is quite urban-centric and often dubbed as classist and Anglophonic, it leaves a vast queer population out of it. It gives people options which can successfully break every boundary – class, caste, age, language, religion, gender, sexuality, ability.

Indeed, many profiles on Amour are openly defying the “genitalization” of one’s sexual orientation, or “sexualization” of dating.

This means individuals on Amour who identify as cisgender homosexual men are open to dating transgender men or an asexual person based on mutual understanding.Individuals need to fill up s form to create their profiles – each scanned by moderators Deepti, Andy and Shilok – before they can join Amour’s curated Facebook community.And in the spirit of inclusion there are five language options – English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu – and the translation work on Bengali and Tamil is in progress.“Amour’ is much more than a matrimonial or dating space.It’s a community driven platform to bring together queer individuals, from the whole spectrum, across India; thereby increasing the inclusivity coefficient of the community and empowering individuals with information and experience sharing A cisgender homosexual man looking for a monogamous relationship must not be allowed to dictate the type of relationships maybe a transgender pansexual man or a genderqueer asexual person or even another cisgender homosexual man/woman are looking for What is startling about all those queer dating apps or sites out on the internet, from the gay-centric Grindr and Planet Romeo, to a women-only app called ‘Dattch’, is that while rolling out the red carpet for one or more than one gender and/or sexual identities, they weed out various other identities.” There is a global phenomenon of dating apps being highly selective – from “no Asian, no black, no Muslims” to “no fems, no fat, no oldies.” Andy, one of Amour’s moderators, also commented on keeping this space open: “It just felt wrong.Let us help you plan the right outfit for that big date. Go on a simulated date and receive post-date feedback.

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