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But now I want you to be among the first to know what I have made plans to renew and revive The Smashing Pumpkins. In this desire I feel I have come home again.“I can tell that our plans right now are to do an album over two or three years and put it out in pieces and then maybe eventually bring it all back together. Some old fart, out-of-touch has to decide, oh, these ten songs aren’t as good as Sgt. If you are drawn to the Hidden Truths, drawn to God as something beyond limitation, and drawn to Love as the greatest force in the Universe, then you have come to the right place.”“This is a new model that puts power into the hands of the artist, creating a dynamic synergy that will inspire great works and attract healthy competition.But she kept snatching it off her head, and giving me the meanest cute look!You’ve got it, then you lose it, and it’s gone forever.

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This makes me feel ALL KINDS OF WRONG, like the way I would feel if I found out that Wonder Woman was a meth addict.house on Thursday alongside five fellow US celebrity compatriots, only to be dramatically ejected from the house within 24 hours after producers learned she'd posted messages about Nazism on social media in 2013.

Despite this, Tila decided to release her debut single 'I Love U' - described as crunk and dirty rap and featuring lots of suggestions of f**king up hoes because she's one crazy bitch - independently.

Tequila has since apologised for her "irresponsible" comments, but maybe the Channel 5 show's producers should read Digital Spy a bit more carefully in the future to avoid any more surprises!

If we were her housemates, we might sleep with one eye open...

My preconceived notions about both of them have gone out the window, and without those to cling to, I feel that it is fairly obvious that I have nothing.

All I can remember are a lot of black turtlenecks and that 1800s get-up from the “Tonight, Tonight” video.

Lol #Isabella Monroe #Burberrybaby #Swag Lik Mom #Little Rebel #Terrorist A photo posted by Tila Tequila Official IG (@babymamatila) on In 2013, Tila unsurprisingly caused controversy when she posted an article titled 'Why I Sympathize with Hitler: Part I' on her website.

Casey sadly passed away from diabetic ketoacidosis in 2011; Tila had announced plans to seek legal custody of Casey Johnson's adopted daughter, Ava, but she remains under the legal custody of Casey's mother.

So this was the best I could get of her to stay still.

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