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Bruno is pulled by the mysterious force outside the house, and he is subsequently levitated up into the sky as a set of floodlights flash on him. A video recorded by You Tuber Nanalew two years prior to Awolnation's own video had nearly 150 million views, in comparison to the group's own video which has just over 20 million.

On January 28, 2015, Nanalew's video was blocked from You Tube due to copyright issues, but returned several days later.

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As the light climbs up the stairs towards him, Bruno hides inside a full bathtub. Bruno is then depicted being pulled across the floor by an unknown force; he attempts to cling to a door-frame, but loses his grip.

The scene is interspersed with shots of Bruno closing a door and playing the song's piano section.

It's an icon of sailing and a real a challenge to everyone who takes part: The Rolex Sydney Hobart starts today.

The 628 nautical mile course is one of the fiercest long ocean races in the world.

As the song's final chorus section begins, the house shakes.

Lights and lamps turn on and off as gusts of wind blow.

This group is for those who have the dream, but not the mate.

Singles Sailors Seeking Soul Mates is a group for those who are looking for a long term relationship, life partner, or a soul mate to share their on water adventures.

The purpose of Sailing Singles of South Florida is to bring together single adults who sail or wish to do so, so that members can meet others with similar interests, participate in sailing activities, share information about sailing, and learn safe boating practices.

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