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After being a guru for thousands of men, he claims to realize that there are specific patterns in success stories.He also realized that there were specific patterns in the failures.With differing expectations of sexual mores, the term "dating" can imply romantic activity whereas simply using "friend" would likely avoid implying such intimacy.

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The word "dating" entered the American language during the Roaring Twenties.

Prior to that, courtship was a matter of family and community interest.

Classes were not cheap, with each class was $3500 a piece.

Now that he has left, he claims that he can tell everything.

For instance, tabloid headlines often note that a celebrity has been seen with a new "lady friend".

"Lady friend" may also be used to signify a romantic relationship with an older woman, when the term "girl" as in "girlfriend" may be deemed age-inappropriate.

It notes that the lack of proper terms often leads to awkward situations, such as someone becoming upset over not being introduced in social situations to avoid the question.

Both forms of "girlfriend" and "girl friend" are used by different people to mean different things.

He would spend a lot of money of highly lauded dating classes and seminars on how to attract women, and yet each one would only serve to make him feel like he had taking another step backward.

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