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So next time you see a pregnant woman, if you're not pregnant yourself, offer to help her! I probably shouldn't say this in case it doesn't go as planned, but I'm not planning on having an epidural. I think our culture has scared women to death when it comes to childbirth, which is something so natural and beautiful that we shouldn't be frightened of it. Tune in Sunday, 6/23, to see Kate in all her pregnant glory (no stunt belly required!

Kate has had guest roles in CSI: Miami ("The Score" (2006)), Las Vegas (2007), Medium (2007), K-Ville (2007), Ghost Whisperer (2007), Cashmere Mafia (four episodes 2008), NCIS (2010), and White Collar (2010).

Levering also has starred in independent films: Like Dandelion Dust in 2009, and Breaking the Girls in 2012.

So you didn't have to wear a fake belly like most actresses playing a pregnant woman?

No, in fact because our filming schedule was pushed back from February to May, I showed up way more pregnant than my character was supposed to be so I spent the first few episodes holding a lot of folders in front of my belly and sitting behind desks.

I think it's really sad that women are being made to feel bad during what should be the most special time in their lives.

I worked with Kim Kardashian on the show and she is the tiniest thing with these great curves. Feeling my baby kick for the first time was the most incredible emotion I've ever felt.In 2016, Levering was cast as the adult Annette Hargrove in the NBC drama Cruel Intentions, based on the 1999 film of same name.The role was played by Reese Witherspoon in the film.Did being pregnant make it easy playing a future mom?Yes, I didn't have to try hard because I already had the waddle down and was subconsciously rubbing my belly, so it was perfect.In 2001 she was cast as Peggy Sawyer in the revival of 4hid Street.

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